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Vendor Feedback

Vendors! Let us know how the Market went for you so we can see what adjustments we might be able to make for future dates.
We can't fix everything, but we will do our best to address all your comments and concerns.
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Vendor Booth Information

As of now we are accepting registrations for 2 months at a time. Once the current month’s market has ended, the registration link for the 2nd consecutive month will open the following Wed.
Example. If we are accepting Jan and Feb registration, March registration will open the Wed following the close of the Jan market, April will open the Wed following the close of the Feb market, and so on.

Registration links are ONLY posted in our Vendor approved Facebook Group. You will need to submit the Vendor Application  and be approved  in order to receive access to the group with the registration links.
Booth Information
•Booths are outdoor 10x10 for $25
•Young Entrepreneur booths (under 18) are $15 for outdoor 10x10
•Advertising only booths are outdoor 10x10 for $15
•Non profits are generally free with pre-approval. Non profits will still need to submit the vendor application plus a registration form for the month they wish to have a booth.
•Electricity is limited in the vendor area and reserved for vendors who require electricity.
•Vendors are responsible for providing their entire set up to include table, chairs, canopy, table clothes and canopy weights.
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